A-list stars tickled by mean tweets

George Clooney

George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Cate Blanchett are among the latest stars to shame internet trolls in Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Celebrity Tweet feature.

Matt Damon, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Garner also took part in the most A-list edition yet of the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment where the chat show host has celebrities read out insulting comments that have been made about them on Twitter, and in some cases respond.

Clooney hit back "F*** you!" to @seauxphie who branded him a "lumpy faced b*****d."

Cumberbatch corrected @classicquilt for spelling his name wrong and returned the insult of calling him a "d***head".

Blanchett read out @ventivodkacran's tweet, "'Can people stop saying Cate Blanchett is beautiful? Cate Blanchett is f***in gross dude," before shrugging "That's the worst you can do? Okay."

The stars read the tweets deadpan to the backing track of REM's Everybody Hurts, but for some it was just too hard to keep a straight face.

Bill Murray burst out laughing after reading "i find Bill Murray not funny. i was glad he got shot in Zombieland [sic]" and chuckled, "That's pretty good." His Mouments Men co-stars Bob Balaban and John Goodman also found the insults directed at them amusing.

Jennifer Garner also seemed to be suppressing laughter as she told the user who said she looked like a "duck's vagina", "That's not nice." And Joseph Gordon-Levitt pretended to look hurt after being compared to a Q-tip.

Matt Damon's insulting tweet was sent by his comedian friend Jimmy Kimmel himself.

Jon Hamm, Tim Robbins, Sarah Silverman and Rob Lowe also took part in the sketch which has already clocked up over five million views on YouTube.