Sean Connery: Top Movie Lifesaver

Sean Connery

Sean Connery has saved the planet in his movie roles more than any other actor.

In our recent movie research at Movies4men into movie saves and movie kills, it transpired that Connery had thwarted 13 bids to destroy the world, spread over four decades.

Arguably the most famous and charismatic 007, Connery first started rescuing the world when he starred as James Bond in the spy's first movie adventure, Dr. No back in 1962.

In the movie Connery, as Bond prevents the mysterious Julius No from using a nuclear powered radio bean to destroy a US missile launching system. He provided a similar, life-saving service as the ultimate spy in six more Bond adventures.

So, according to our research, here are the movie world's Top Five Lifesavers!


1. Sean Connery - 13 Lifesaves


2. Bruce Willis - 10 Lifesaves


3. Keanu Reeves - 9 Lifesaves


4. Harrison Ford - 7 Lifesaves


5. Will Smith - 7 Lifesaves


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